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As farmers and ranchers, we take being caretakers very seriously! Our responsibility is to care for wildlife, animals, crops, the land, the environment, and natural resources! By doing so, we not only can grow and raise food for this generation but for generations and generations to come. Yavapai County Farm Bureau invites you to hear and understand your food story. It is a story of how food gets from the farmer to your plate. It is a story of the steps agriculturalists take to ensure the environment, land, and animals are taken care of. It is a story of food security in Arizona and America. 

Image by Bailey Alexander


cattle prevent wildfires

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Responsible cattle grazing is a crucial component of managing our lands properly. Grazing promotes new growth of native grasslands and removes dead brush that serves as kindling for fires. 

Livestock grazing can be used as a tool to lower wildfire risk and reduce the fire's ultimate impact by slowing down how fast the flames spread and how hot the fire burns. They do this by grazing down the annual and perennial grasses, promoting new growth, and leaving far less dead underbrush that acts as kindling to a fire.

Not only are cattle preventing wildfires, but they also fertilize and aerate the soil and capture carbon. Cattle are environmental stewards! When cattlemen are in synch with nature, amazing things happen. 

Image by Elaine Casap


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